Saint Laurent Nano Sac Du Jour

I have been wanting a mini bag for ages now! And for awhile I was thinking about getting a Céline Nano, but for the size and the price I was just like no thanks! While I was heading to Starbucks today during my break (my usual is a grande iced soy vanilla green tea latte with caramel drizzle!) I saw this super cute, super chic Chinese boy with the black Saint Laurent Nano Sac Du Jour. My heart skipped a beat and I knew I had to have one!!! 

I went straight to Saint Laurent to see my friend and he showed me all the different colors they came in. I loved the neons and brights but let's be real... I wouldn't wear them. I narrowed it down to classic black and royal blue. The black would go with everything, but the blue was so so nice. And I feel like mini bags should be whimsical and anything but black. 

What do you guys think? What color should I get!? 


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