A little party never killed nobody...

This past Saturday was our annual Meccamee Christmas party.. and this year our theme was Great Gatsby! Perfect, right!??? It was so much fun seeing everyone in 1920's inspired outfits.  

It was great seeing everyone after so long! I haven't seen the team in over a month. Anyways... I have ultimately decided that this year was going to be my last with Meccamee. I'm going to focus on myself, work, and school basically! I am definitely going to miss being in the group. Without them.. I wouldn't be who I am today.

Since it was my last year... I had to go all out on my outfit, obvi! I decided to take a classic white button up and black trousers and make it as fabulous as I can! The black feather jacket was my favorite part of this outfit. I loved how it moved while I danced the night away! I topped it off with Chanel pearls, vintage jewels, and a crystals head piece!

Happy Holidays, dahlings! 

[Headpiece] Topshop
[Glasses] Tom Ford
[Jacket] Topshop
[Necklace] Chanel
[Shirt] Bally
[Trousers] Bally
[Shoes] Bally

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