It was my day off today so I decided to dress down a bit. One thing I find funny is when people think dressing comfortable means sacrificing style. NO. I don't find that logical in any way. I mean, yes its my day off but that doesn't give me an excuse to look like a slob, right!? 

Anyways, today was relaxing. Went to the airport to take some of my friends that are leaving town. It was hot outside so I decided to wear this cropped baseball tee. I love baseball tees, and what could be better than a cropped one! 

I'll probably be keeping this look for practice too. The good thing about these joggers, I can dance in them!   

[Hat] Hippoe Aesthetics 
[Tee] H&M
[Joggers] Topshop
[Sunnies] Grey Ant
[Accessories] Hermes, LuvAj
[Shoes] Zara
[Bag] 3.1 Philip Lim 


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