Current Obsession: The Off Duty Look

I've always loved seeing pop stars and models in their off duty outfits. You know, the stuff they wear when they're just running from shoot to shoot or running errands. Rihanna I think has mastered the art of Off Duty. These pictures were taken recently of Rihanna while she is in Amsterdam for her world tour.

I adore how she takes masculine pieces, like oversized shirts and sweatshirts, and she makes them feminine again. My favorite look has got to be from the last picture, where both Rihanna and her friend wore dungarees as jeans with baggy sweatshirts and tennis shoes. And can we talk about that pink beanie with the veil!? LOVE! 

Now I'm not a pop star or a celebrity, but when I'm not working- I'd like to think I can strut around the city in a cute Off Duty outfit! I mean, I'm probably gonna make it my signature Spring/Summer 2013 look! Why not right? Its easy, its comfortable, and stylish.

What do you guys wear on your day off? 


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