Wine Vest & Dripping C's

As the weather starts to really warm up, I find myself reaching for my shorts more often. When I'm not at work, I refuse to wear pants! I just hate getting all sweaty in this hot Vegas weather. I prefer showing some leg and staying cool!

 Beanies, beanies, beanies...a huge trend we're seeing on the streets and on the runway since last fall. I have fallen in love with this beanie from Crown The Queens (for obvious reasons..) and it gives any outfit an instant boost in coolness points.

Another thing I have been loving ( and I have been wearing this like, literally all the time) is this wine faux leather moto vest. When I put it on, I just feel so biker chic but its not heavy like a leather moto jacket... Which means I can totally skip around Vegas without sweating like crazy. And the best part about this vest? I got it for $17 from Forever 21... STEAL! One random day I went in to look at accessories and this beauty was just sitting on top of a rack and I immediately gravitated towards it. 

[Beanie] Crown The Queens
[Sunnies] Louis Vuitton
[Shirt] Zara
[Vest] Forever 21
[Bag] Chanel
[Watch] Michael Kors
[Jewelry] H&M, Marc by Mar Jacobs, Hermes
[Shorts] American Apparel
[Shoes] UNIF

Shout out to Justin Emanuel for the photos. Check out his instagram @thisjustin_ff for more awesome pics!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time....


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