Happy Friday everyone! I couldn't get home in time to catch some sun for some pictures, but that didn't stop me! I wanted to take a few snap shots of my outfit for tonight. A few of my friends and I are going to the Cosmopolitan for a birthday celebration. I didn't want to look too overdressed since we are just going to be inside a suite. So I opted for an oversized sweater and some shorts!

I recently purchased this sweater from Zara and I'm obsessed! I love the baroque embroidered detail and the cutouts. A perfect piece to transition into spring. Plus, its all white which is great for the upcoming season. I got in a size medium so I can easily wear it with shorts and not look like I'm drowning in some white fabric. Don't you just love how it shows just the right amount of skin?


I feel like the photos look as if Im totally drunk in some random street and can't find my way home. Can you say gutter chic?


 [Sweater] Zara
[Shorts] American Apparel
[Bag] Chanel
[Rings] H&M, YSL
[Socks] American Apparel
[Boots] Zara

Thank you all for reading! I hope you found this post helpful for your future outfits.


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