New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays! I didn't get to do a blogpost for my Christmas outfit because I was sick with the stomach flu. I was very upset everyone was having a good time while I was bed ridden and couldn't eat any of the delicious food ): 

But I'm all better now and I'm excited to show you what I wore for NYE! 

So to ring in the New Year, I decided to go for a very festive ensemble. I wasn't going to an extravagant event but I still wanted to dress up! I went for this emerald blazer because Filipino superstition says that if you wear the color of money on NYE, the new year will bring you lots of money! But not only that, emerald was actually named the pantone color of 2013. So you will definitely see a lot of this color for the upcoming spring season.

For my top I picked out this really fun guitar printed shirt that really brings out the orange belt. 

 For my pants I chose navy skinny slacks topped off with taupe oxfords. Also, I wore burgundy socks to add more color to the palette because why not? Its NYE!! 

[Blazer] Zara
[Shirt] Topman
[Trousers] Topman
[Belt] Hermes
[Watch] Michael Kors
[Jewelry] Hermes
[Shoes] Cole Haan 

Thank you so much for reading! And I want to thank you all for following my blog this past year and I hope you continue to look forward to my posts! 


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