Tuesday Blend... again!

Happy Thursday! I hope you all are well and enjoying life. Here's an outfit post of what I wore to Tuesday Blend this past Tuesday. I don't really like to go overboard with my outfit for TB because I'm usually dancing all night so I can't be wearing too much! So I keep it casual but still chic. I also went to my hairstylist at Kelly Cardenas Salon that day to get my hair touched up. I've been getting so many compliments... Thanks Nicole!

I love this vintage Chanel belt that I wore as a statement necklace!

Style tip: wear two of the same cuffs together for that gladiator armor vibe.

Chillin in the green room at Hard Rock Cafe! These next few pictures were taken by Apollo Balos! Thanks Apollo (:

I'm usually battling Miq'uel but that night we agreed we'd be partners instead hahah! We danced against these two other guys... I think >_< I don't remember.

[Shirt] Topshop
[Pants] Zara
[Necklace] Chanel
[Ring] YSL
[Cuffs] Urban Outfitters
[Bag] Chanel
[Shoes] UNIF

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