Studs & Ruffles

Happy Tuesday everyone! I woke up around 5AM this morning because I couldn't go back to sleep..I was too excited to go to work for training!

To be honest, a dress shirt is really the last thing you would find me in. If you know me, I prefer being in casual clothes.. but the dress code for my new job is really prim and proper, so I've gotta start shopping for more shirts! One of the things I look for in a dress shirt is detail. Just because I'm going to work doesn't mean I have to sacrifice style! I love this shirt to death because of it's hexagonal print pattern and the chic ruffle detail in the front. I finished the look with my glasses to really get that "I'm going to work" vibe. 

My new favorite work pant! It is a lovely shade of green and a perfect transition piece into the fall season! I can't wait to layer jackets and cardigans with this piece.

 Thank you so much for reading!
[Shirt] Boutique in the Philippines
[Trousers] Zara
[Glasses] Chanel
[Bag] Louis Vuitton Suhali Le Fabuleux  
[Belt]Vintage Dior 
[Earrings] Topshop
[Rings] Topshop
[Bracelet] SYLK
[Shoes] Zara

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