Las Vegas Fashion Week

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're having an awesome day and enjoying life! I just wanted to share with you some pictures I took at the event I attended yesterday at the Westin Hotel in Lake Las Vegas. It was a fashion competition for the upcoming Las Vegas Fashion Week in February. Designers from all over the world came to compete in these categories: bridal, red carpet, ready-to-wear, and accessories. I had the pleasure of assisting a few of the designers with dressing and styling their models! 


While waiting for the judges decision the designer from Australia, Victoria Thompson, offered me a glass for Chardonnay for doing such a great job with her models! I got to help her style and dress all of her models. She also let me style the vintage Austrian jewelry that she brought with her. At the end of our conversation she was so impressed with me that she gave me a very generous tip and said that she'll write me a letter of recommendation! On top of that she asked me to assist her during the Magic Convention this upcoming week and to be her personal assistant whenever she's in Vegas! Wait, there's more! She also asked me to go to California next year to be her stylist for a Golden Globes 2013 event! This was my first hands on experience at a fashion event and I worked really hard and it paid off!
 This is Sharlene Chen and she's the designer that won in the Red Carpet category. I was able to assist her with all her dresses! She participated in the Bridal category as well. All six of her dresses were made of very soft and delicate materials. She liked my Versace shirt and my Chanel iPhone case :P 


 One of my favorite bridal dresses of the night! The designers of this dress were from South Africa and they won in the Bridal category!

 Hands down my favorite model of the night! Her name is Leslie. I got to dress her in almost everything because all the designers wanted her to try on their clothes because she was literally perfection.

All the models together!

 Another one of the students from my school who got to help out the designers.

Pictures via iPhone and Instagram

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