What's in my bag?

I know a lot of you might be carrying your whole life in your bags, right? Trust me, I know the feeling. But on an everyday basis I don't like to carry that many things in my bag because its already heavy as it is.  I love this bag because I can easily take it from day to night. I love bags with a top handle and a longer strap so I can sling it over my shoulders when I need my hands! So here are the things that I usually carry in my Balenciaga.

-Balenciaga Money Wallet which I carry most of my cash, receipts, and debit cards.
 -The mirror that came with the bag
-Eye drops because my contacts get dry super fast!
-Chap stick for soft kissable lips
-My school ID. Don't mind the picture
-Salvatore Ferragamo coin purse
-Louis Vuitton card holder
-Cashmere hand cream from bath and body. It feels so luxe on your hands!
-Hand sanitizer
-Chanel powder when I need to touch up
-Chanel sunglasses to block the evil UV rays!

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