YSL is dead!

Well, the name is anyway. Creative director, Hedi Slimane, has decided to rename the renowned fashion house Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris. This change is supposed to restore "the house to its truth, purity and essence - and taking it into a new era, while sticking to the original ideals and principles." The full extent of the rebranding is still unknown.

It is said that products like cosmetics and fragrances will keep the YSL logo. L'homme is my current day cologne and by far my favorite! It's subtle and sweet and it kind of reminds me of cotton candy. 

The new name is to be implemented when Slimane's Spring/Summer 2013 collection hits the stores. The font and nomenclature will be the same as far as I know. But come on now, how does SLP really sound like when said out loud? Um, not cute! YSL on the other hand just rolls off the tongue! 

So what will you be doing these next few months with YSL? Stocking up on the iconic arty rings? Mourning because the renowned logo might be changed? Or do you simply not care? I know I'm sad. 

This is truly tragic. 

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